Tuesday, August 19, 2008

World Wide Web Resource Sharing

For some time now I have been wanting to get kicked off what I have now called the "World Wide Web Resource Sharing" section of Blog1820 (brought to you by Matt Bean and Associates).

The idea is simply highlighting a website that we believe to be very helpful. The help could be free resources like sermons or devotionals or other blogs. Or it could also be a bookstore website. Or even a website that is not necessarlily "Christian" like a good news site or a blog that has insightful cultural commentary. So basically any site that we think would be worth you browsing around.

The first site I would like to write about is the one that I visit most often as it has helped me tremendously, that is desiringGod.org.

The official sub-title of the website is "God-centered resources from the ministry of John Piper", and the reason I check out this site so often is just that. From the blog posts to the sermons to the audio interviews to the books at the bookstore, all of it is incredibly "God-centered". Not to mention all of the resources are free. Even the bookstore (which already has good discounts) has what they call a "anything you can afford policy" in which they will send you books for free. Literally. Of course they ask that this not be abused, but nonetheless Desiring God is a solid group of folks.

I must admit what largely draws me to this website is "expositional exaltation". This is the preaching style that Piper demonstrtes as he powerfully proclaims the word of God in every sermon.

"Expositional" is used to describe his style because the Bible is exposed. These are not some light-hearted, fancy-pancy, "life-message", Bible-tip-toeing-around sermons. The Bible saturates every message, and typically a single text is unfolded as the message is unfolded and applied. As opposed to a Bible passage being read at the beginning and then not really having too much connection to the rest of the message.

"Exaltation" is the second word used in describing Piper's preaching style. This is so because he does not merely teach the Bible or talk about the Bible. Rather he aims to exalt the Bible, to proclaim it, to herald it. If this is the word of God we have received there must be passion in our hearts as we preach, and Piper is a wonderful example of God's grace stirring this passion until it overflows.

I conclude: Give this site a look and at the very least check out at least one of Piper's sermons. There is a great search tool that can link you with any topic or passage of Scripture in which you desire deeper understanding. You can read the manuscript, listen to audio, or watch the video, and once again all for no cost.


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