Friday, August 15, 2008


So Wednesday night i was sitting in my room thinking about my actions last week in biloxi, and how i was feeling in the casino and what not and i came to a few very interesting conclusions.

the first- is just an analogy about is really just an interesting picture to think about, and here is how it goes. Satan is a casino...and he lets off this image and then he can provide with everything you have ever wanted. He says come on in...get some free alcohol...strippers...anything you want. its all inside and its all free. and we fall to it...we go inside. and we stay there until we finally come to the understanding that we aren't winning. we are losing are lives and actions are getting more and more fractional. You look around and see that the casino is just a massive illusion of false desires. And then we finally count our losses and leave not because someone made us or because we realize what is outside the casino is is liberating it is is everything. Satan is a delusion and it is sad that we fall for it due to the sins of Adam. Because as Paul said about God "Who can resist his will"(Romans 9). But we must rejoice because God gives us the chance to leave because he has conquered all things.

Now i am sure there are many more analogies to be made, and i am sure there are exceptions to the post. But the point is what it is...

Second...I picked up the Bible...which by the way is a pretty good thing to do whenever your mind seems to be clouded...considering it is like the Word of God and all. Anyway i started reading 1st Corinthians because i love how in the beginning Paul says "I praise God for the amount of Grace he given you through Christ Jesus" because to many times i just have to sit here and thank God because he has given me ample amounts of grace. Going on i read a part that really touched me at the end of the first chapter. In verses 18-31..Paul speaks of how God is everything. and how God uses the things that we think make us powerful to make us weak. Sometimes all I do is think about what i have done to further my walk with God, but what i must remember is that God did it. I did nothing. Apart from God there is no good in me. You know think about this...God is the Creator of all things. he is the owner of all things. You think you have a lot of money..God created the concept of finance. You think you are good public speaker...God invented is pretty interesting to think about and it shows you just how infinitesimal we are. And is it says in the end the only thing we have to boast in is God.

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