Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Este fin de semana

so i have been a little unsure and a little uneasy about this weekend. why? well i am going on a bachelor party to biloxi. and what is wrong with that...absolutely nothing. Bachelor parties can be good things..i mean All things were created by God and for God. The problem is i know my limits...and i know that i can not handle myself down in that environment. I am weak when it comes to gambling, drinkning, and sex. weak. Now don't think i am chastizing this things because as i said earlier All things were created by God. When Mark Driscoll was asked if masturbation is a sin he said, "No....but lust is" and that is where my problems and most other peoples lie.

Today though i was praying in the steamroom at Moores Mill... and i basically asked God to just take this situation and weekend and do with it whatever He wills. Afterall He is the only good that is in me. Without God i am an evil, godless, sinner. I have no hope in anything else. But with Christ i am righteous by my faith.

My God is a loving, faithful, and strong God. He will do for me whatever is in His will, but i must be willing to follow Him no matter where he leads me. Biloxi, Africa, or Auburn. And so this weekend i will sin...whether it is greed, lust, pride, or anything. But before and after this weekend Jesus Christ will remain the most important thing in my life and my only true desire.

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