Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Confessions of a Hypocritical Voter

So…I was trying to think of something to write about the whole election, and I decided to write about some of the things that bother me. One can hear stuff all day about people who voted for Barack or McCain based on or not based on race. And the point is that what does it matter? If we as Christian are sent to live a life based on Love for God and Love for others why do we even ask these questions?

There are statistics that show separation in voters based on their race, but who cares? If 100% of all black voters voted for Obama and 100% of all white voters voted for McCain what does it matter? Each person is entitled to their vote, and whether or not I agree with it or whether or not that person didn’t make an educated decision isn’t for me to decide. But that isn’t what really bothers me. This is just a small aspect.

People all over are saying that Obama is black or no he is mixed or no he is this or no he is that. Why do we say this? Barack Obama’s race should have nothing to do with his capabilities, and we can’t say that people shouldn’t vote on uneducated reasons then turn around and question his race. That is a reason for why or why not to vote for him. Whether or not he is black, white, mixed or anything has no effect on his presidential capabilities. None. But again that isn’t what really bothers me.

What bothers me is to see people hypocritically chastise voters, and for people to neglect to accept responsibility. I will explain.

We are citizens of the greatest country in the World. America land of the FREE. That means although one votes in a specific fashion. He can’t criticize a fellow citizen for exercising their right in a different way. No not everyone makes the most educated decision. Most times personal convictions and exterior circumstances effect the way we vote for candidates. Whatever is the case you must respect people’s opinions even if they are based on the most trivial things. I can think of people that vote in a specific fashion just to follow the crowd and to go against the crowd. It is on both sides. Jesus says to love your enemies. Not just your friends or people that shares your views but your enemies. You think back to the story of the Good Samaritan. Was it easy for the Samaritan to help the Jew? No they were enemies. So realize that however hard it is to be around certain people you are called to love them no matter their actions.

Neglecting responsibility. Wow this seems like I am going against people in power, but that is not what I mean. Too often we as voters say “I am voting for McCain because he is against abortion” or “I am for Obama because he is helping out the poor.” But other than cast that vote once every four years what else do we do? We push that responsibility to fix thing off on some candidate that we barely know that has numerous other responsibilities, and then we sit back and complain. See if you are against abortion or social injustice Do Something! Christ said, “what you have done for the least of these you have done for Me.” So don’t just sit there and expect someone in Washington to fix all the problems. Take some initiative and get out and serve these causes.

I struggle with both of these so much and just writing them out makes me think of numerous faults I have. I mean I talk about serving the poor, and I have given away less than $20 to the poor this year. I spent $20 on cereal yesterday. My priorities seem so skewed and they constantly point back to me. Which is why I end this in the only fashion that I know which is to thank God for the Grace that He has given me because as I live and go through life and realize these iniquities in my life I see His mercy and grace more and more and more.

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