Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cable TV

i come today with a prayer request. A prayer request for a generation that is being influenced more and more each day by all kinds of different mediums.

The most significant thing that seems to bothers me and needs the work of God to be changed is cable television. Cable tv has gone from a broadcast news medium to broadcasting whatever gets them ratings. By watching tv shows that are on today i can see that a these things seem to be a major driving force in ratings. Lust, alcohol, lieing, and greed. Now how great do those four things sounds? Sounds like tv hasn't really gone in a Godly direction since its exception. Now yes there are still several shows that broadcast morally positve ideas, but for the most part cable tv is preying on us as sinners and feeding empty desires that are driven by sin.

Here are some examples of shows.

Swingers...well here is an easy one is a show about a family that enjoys having sex with other couples around the neighborhood. They don't call it infedility because all the partners are ok with it, but come on lets be serious. Other minor storylines include drug addicted and alcoholic parents, and a girl that is trying to seduce her teacher. There truly is not to much you can positivelysay about this show.

Moment of Truth...this is another show that is very easy to pick at. It is about a person who is asked questions about their life, and if they answer truthfully than they get money. Questions like "Have you cheated on your wife" "Do you love your parents" "Have you slept with your wifes sister"...and all this for money.

CSI: Las Vegas...CSI over recent years and throught the diminshing amount of material has been forced to make their episodes more and more racey. Now we see episdodes about mobsters and strippers that are murdered. And yes that the premise is them putting the criminal in jail, but my question is "why do they always have to bring the camera into those spots?" Why do they always have a second or two when the show some guy gambling or in a strip club? It seems like they are showing these images just to keep the viewer interested, and i say they are unwarranted.

House...This show is about a drug addicted doctor who will do a wrong or immoral thing as long as it saves the patients life. House is all the time saying people don't change. People lie. People are bad and shouldn't be trusted in anyway. What terrible storylines. Here is a guy who is putting survival as the most important thing in life. House is an open atheist as well as most of his staff. Anytime anyperson is written in as Christian they are constanlty chastized and told that their religion is meaningless and is untruthful because people can't change.

Gameshows...everyone is what will you do for money... what will you do for this...etc. Now i don't think all gameshows are evil, but i wish most would stop broadcasting selfish and greedy

Love are easy. I love New York 1-2, Bachelor (how ever many), Who wants to Marry a Millionaire, Flavor of Love (1-3), Tila Tequila (1-2), etc...i mean the list goes on. these shows promote sex and alcohol. Thats it. They are about how much you can drink, how much you can party, how much you can attract the other guy or girl, and how likely you are to have sex with them. Now yes some out there are a little bit more reserved than others, but the storylines of sex and other things are still there.

Now i'll get off my soap box for now because these lists could go on and on. Todays tv has changed is the point. Less and Less is being censored everyday. And i'll be honest i catch myself watching some of these same shows every week. I get caught up in them too. But you just have to pray that God can shape the ways of your heart. God can show you something more worth your time on earth. All things should be used to glorify God, and i feel to many times that watching these shows i am not Glorifying God. So I pray to you God, for other people out there struggling, and for me...because you are the maker of all thinds and the Lord of all.

Paul said in Ephesians..."those who have been stealing must steal no longer. but must work so that they have something useful to do with their own hands." So by saying that don't shut yourself away from the media or the outside world, but put your life and mind toward something worthwhile.

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HealthAdministrator said...

Thanks so much for sharing your heart. Bout dang time. This is definitely an issue for me. How can I watch TV for God's glory. It festers up the sin that is already in my heart and so distracts me from the grace and glorty and beauty of the cross of Christ. So I apprecite you for reflecting on some of your experience. Also, the intenet can really be a hinderance to me often times, too, so I'll holler at you later. Love,